Serah Iyare

Books by Serah Iyare

broken bottle

Every one that came her way, be it male or female, got wounded one way or another. Losing the love of her life opened her eyes to her catastrophic and thorny lifestyle. Was there hope for a second chance? 3

bukky alakara

Bukky Folorunsho had to move in with her aunt due to the challenges her parents were facing. She had no formal education and the search for her daily bread was nightmarish. Gbemiga Phillips was the first child and only son of his parents.His family believed that he was destined to bring them out of poverty. Like ripples, the different seasons they encountered in their lives spun several unstoppable events that led to a cascading end.

heart strings

HIS WORLD BECAME FROZEN when his fiancée called off the wedding without giving any explanation. An act of kindness introduced him to another. Will she be able to melt the ice-wall around his heart?

winds of fate

One harmless conversation. One sheep in wolf clothing. One night of heart wrecking torture. When the winds of fate blew, nemesis came knocking at everyone’s doorstep.


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