Tomi Adesina

Books by Tomi Adesina

beautiful stranger

Beautiful Stranger tells the story of a terminally-ill cancer patient who races against time and falls in love with a man, whom she would later give a new meaning to his life.


A couple face a rough patch in their marriage when confronted with the infidelity of one of the spouses.

dear future husband

Enter the lives of three young ladies, Kimberly Bankole, Ini Obong, and Matthews as they live through each day and find love in the midst of chaos.

fola king

This is a legal series about one case that turns into a life-changing situation when Fola bumps Aaima who later turns out to be the catalyst his case and his life need.

all fun and games

All Fun And Games is a fiction series which looks into the life of the young dashing and successful CEO, Aisha Bello as she tries hard to secure her inheritance from her father, Alhaji Bello. With help from her closest friend and confidant, Moira, Aisha plots a lie to deceive her dad into believing she’s found the love of her life, Craig, and releasing her inheritance and this starts out perfectly well…until it all becomes real. Love takes over…

hearts and homes

Set during the time of the raging insurgency in the North-East Nigeria, Hearts and Homes tells the story of a Soldier who has to leave his family behind in the quest for finding the missing Chibok girls.


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